Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter wonderland in Central Park! 1/27/11

 When was the last time you remembered 19" of snow in Central Park?
Warm temperatures - Kids out of school - Fluffy white snow covering the ground like a soft cuddly blanket.
Trees holding out their branches to embrace the falling snow forming patterns that cling.
A dancer Snow Queen wrapped around a tree. a red bird perched high on a branch contrasts the snow and sky.
Children playing along with adults in colorful outfits and downhill apparatus.
Lovers walking hand in hand - Trees bowing to the elements as they reach out.
Tiny shades of color permeate and contrast the white snow - Ponds and lakes frozen over.
No sailboats today, but self navigating children across the sailboat pond.
Cameras everywhere from cell phones to point and shoot to DSLR and finally medium format.

To use the well know phrase - It Was a Kodak Moment!

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