Central Park After The Snow Falls

Well if you wanted a snow storm you could not have asked for a better one then we had this February.
Some 20 inches formed a blanket of snow across Central Park in New York City.
A walk through the park was a must and with stabilicers on my feet, a hiking pole in each hand, 
my camera and one lens around my body I was off.
Many people migrate to the park during these types of weather, but the trick is to seek out areas 
where most people don’t go.
Up past the boat house towards the ramble, in and out of paths and up and down stairs finally leads me to the 
north western part of the lake.
The snow was wet at first, but then with the temperature change it became fluffy and thick on trees and tree limbs 
forming magical patterns.
One comment I received on my photographs was that if you weren’t told that this was in Central Park 
you could have been out in the wilds.
Well this is our wilderness steps away from where we live, every day another adventure.
In my travels I look for abstracts and light reflections while I scan the scene.  

As you can see even the birds enjoyed their snowy platform.
Here are some images from that day.


      © 2010 Lynne R. Cashman  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED