Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helen Frankenthaler Enthralls 2/16/11

If you love abstracts, as I do.
If you love mystery, as I do.
If you love to explore, as I do - Okay! Okay!
You must go see the new exhibit of Helen Frankenthaler entitled “East and Beyond " at Knoedler Gallery in Manhattan.
What most impressed me were her woodcuts. Combining her own minimalist concepts with eastern techniques Ms Frankenthaler's work makes for very introspective feeling.
This appears to be the very first time that so many of the woodcuts have appeared together and this allows the viewer to experience the ever broad reach of the artist.
My experience was moving, so much so, that an art tour moved into my space with a guide whose voice shattered the calm and serenity that I was feeling that I escaped to another floor until I could return to soak in each piece.
I will return surely as the show is on until March 11th.
Here are some of my abstract images.

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